A History of Data Loss.

Use an authentic voice. To support Symantec’s employee evangelism efforts, Toolhouse created an inviting community education video for Internet beginners.

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Going mobile.

Make the “a ha!” moments happen. When Intuit launched their new mobile payments product, they turned to Toolhouse to help them tell a story people could identify with.

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Keeping it safe on MySpace.

Social Networking 101. Parents need to know how to keep their kids safe online. Social networking giant MySpace turned to Toolhouse to help teach them.

Our clients get big ideas.

Delivered fresh daily. We’re proud of the company we keep. Many category–leading brands have "friended" Toolhouse to help them engage and connect in new ways.

The art of going social.

Be where they are. Norton AntiVirus needed to reach a skeptical crowd of PC gamers. We connected on their terms with this laugh–inducing series of mockumentaries.

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Taking content to the tailor.

One size does not fit all. Toolhouse helped Intuit speak big business by creating a site that tailors sales messages to differing roles and industries.

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Power to the people.

1) Donate site to a local theater/historical landmark. 2) Empower staff to update with a robust CMS. 3) Everyone is happy. Exit stage right.

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Gold is how we do it.

Passion is why. Medical Marketing & Media recognized cfvoice.com for its ability to connect with patients and awarded it a gold for best website.

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Finding it fast.

Remove the haystack. Many products, thousands of options and a diverse group of people that all look for things a different way. Dynamic product selector to the rescue.

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